Launching a website can seem a real challenge if you want to do everything by yourself, but don’t have much experience. However this is only first impression, which is known to be deceptive. There is no point in panicking, you just need to take a deep breath and make things clear. First of all you need to define the purpose of your website. It is not necessarily making money, but if it is, then define the way you want to make money. Selling products or services directly? Promoting your company’s brand and thus acquiring more clients? Running a blog trying different marketing strategies? This aim will basically specify what CMS you will need for the website. Joomla CMS can be successfully used for almost any type of websites, starting from blogs and ending with corporate websites. We have chosen 20 business Joomla templates fitting various niches and purposes.

All the themes presented in this article boast professional design and powerful functionality allowing launching a modern website right out of the box. You can be sure in high quality of the product, as it has been provided by the professional TemplateMonster team. Being one of the oldest template providers on the market it embodies in its themes many years’ experience and professionalism. Clean valid coding makes it easy to optimize your website for SEO to get higher ranking. Responsive design and cross browser compatibility guarantee perfect performance of your website irrespective of the device, resolution, operation system or preferred browser. Moreover buying any theme you get free lifetime support ready to answer all your questions around the clock.

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Jumerix – Multipurpose Joomla Template  
Jumerix - Multipurpose Joomla Template

This multipurpose Joomla template boasts functionality that will fit blog, online portfolio, corporate website and even online store. A set of pre-designed pages allow you creating the website you want. Different homepage styles, including home landing page and one page layout, give you an opportunity to impress your visitors at the first sight. You can also experiment with the color palette, various UI elements, blog layouts, etc. The design is fully responsive and retina ready.

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Virginia – Corporate Joomla Template  
Virginia - Corporate Joomla Template

This stylish template is designed in minimalistic corporate style and can serve a number of projects with slight modifications. The theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly and will perform greatly on any device irrespective of its screen size or resolution. Parallax creates the feeling of immersion, and lazy load effect reduces the overall loading time of the pages.

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Boston – Business Joomla Template  
Boston - Business Joomla Template

This template looks strict and trendy at the same time. Its thought out to the last detail design will fit the website of any company. Stylish sidebar-based menu uncovers on a click to the compact hamburger button. Clean white background helps to keep the content always in focus. Built-in contact form makes it easy for the clients to keep in touch with you.

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Rhombus – Corporate Website Joomla Template  
Rhombus - Corporate Website Joomla Template

This template uses rhombus patterns against snow-white background creating highly aesthetic look. The text blocks are small and thanks to the wise use of negative space clearly readable. MegaMenu organizes neatly your categories and subcategories and makes it easy to navigate the website. The template is 100% responsive and optimized for high performance.

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Gerdo – Business Blog Joomla Template  
Gerdo - Business Blog Joomla Template

The structure and design of this template is perfect for business websites. Eye-catching full-width slider in the header creates positive impression and gets the visitors prepared for the information below. Sticky MegaMenu allows you presenting most important categories, links and services at once. Portfolio section is presented in grid and makes a decent representation of your latest works.

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Trucky – Transportation Company Joomla Template  
Trucky - Transportation Company Joomla Template

The template will fit delivery services of any kind. Its slick modern layout provides all the information needed for the customer the best way. Full-screen slider is an ideal place for the most important information. Parallax scrolling smoothly uncovers the advantages of working with your company, services provided and lots of other vital information.

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7agency – Real Estate Joomla Template  
7agency - Real Estate Joomla Template

Pleasant color scheme with light design using rounded elements and lots of white space is a good fit for design or real estate websites. Theme color switcher allows you changing the website’s color scheme with one click. With a set of additional pages your can also create a blog, gallery, forum and many other optional pages. Social login facilitates the login procedure for your visitors.

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Proconsult – Business Consultant Joomla Template  
Proconsult - Business Consultant Joomla Template

This theme goes with 14 pre-designed pages and is a great opportunity to start a fully functional website right out of the box. Rich UI kit helps you to diversify your website with various types of content. The navigation is intuitive thanks to well-organized layout, sticky burger menu, back-to-top button and tones of other additional features.

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Stern 18 – Business Strategies Joomla Template  
Stern 18 - Business Strategies Joomla Template

Highly flexible design of this template can fit various business niches. It boasts advanced customization options, allowing you to adjust the theme up to your needs and purposes. Sliced layered PSD files can be edited through any graphic editor and give you even more possibilities for customization. Footer area is highly informative and contains integrated Google map.

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Big Ideas – Advertising Agency Joomla Template  
Big Ideas - Advertising Agency Joomla Template

This stylish template with polygonal patterns of the background looks really original and stylish. Parallax scrolling, rounded ghost buttons, grid gallery with nice hover effects – all this make it suitable for trendy web design or advertising agency. Google map at the bottom of the page helps to find your location easily. Along with this powerful functionality of the template makes it a real catch!

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Holderlin – Business Bureau Joomla Template  
Holderlin - Business Bureau Joomla Template

Long-scrolling homepage of this template provides you with lots of space to present your company the best possible way. The sections with different content are clearly outlined thanks to the contrast of backgrounds. Parallax scrolling adds dynamics and uncovers the information gradually to make it easy to scan and to absorb. Full social integration makes it easy for your clients to spread the word about you.

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Smartex – Business Strategies Joomla Template  
Smartex - Business Strategies Joomla Template

Trendy design of this theme with full-width slider, ghost buttons and semi-transparent sticky menu is a right choice for a number of business projects. Its 3 column mega menu allows you organize categories and present additional information up to your liking. Commenting system and functional contact form serve for keeping in touch with your audience.

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Martinez – Industrial Company Joomla Template  
Martinez - Industrial Company Joomla Template

This template with versatile design and numerous sections on the home page tells your company’s story and proposes your services easy and without any tension. Despite of being content-rich the template doesn’t look to heavy thanks to the use on negative space and well-structured layout, using flat icons, sliders, video and audio integration and lots of other options.

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Dentist – Dental Clinic Joomla Template  
Dentist - Dental Clinic Joomla Template

Fresh green color scheme of the template along with cheerful images create overall positive impression of the website. Mega menu gives you an opportunity to present more additional information to the customers. Services are described with the help of accordion menu to save the space. Online booking available right in the header slider is handy and would be much appreciated by your clients.

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Gitex – Financial Advisor Joomla Template  
Gitex - Financial Advisor Joomla Template

This fully responsive theme with flexible design is a decent choice for a vast number of projects. Pixel perfect design with nice animation effects, parallax scrolling and stick-to-top menu looks modern and trendy. The template is written with valid semantic code and is easy to optimize for SEO. Lots of additional features provide user-friendly browsing experience and intuitive navigation.

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Casa del Mare – Hotel Suit Joomla Template  
Casa del Mare - Hotel Suit Joomla Template

The home page of this theme looks rather compact, but it manages to contain lots of elements and sections. With multifunctional mega menu you can show your visitors banners, latest blog articles and whatever else you want to. Newsletter sign up form will help you to keep you clients updated about all your hottest propositions and possible discounts.

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Fernando – Consulting Company Joomla Template  
Fernando - Consulting Company Joomla Template

Bright colors and nice animations make this template look vivid and energetic. And ghost buttons with parallax effect are a trendy zest of the theme. Mega footer area provides a lot of space for secondary information. At the bottom of the page there is a huge Google map integrated to display your location. Social integration allows your visitors to sign up through their social accounts.

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Perfect Rent – Real Estate Joomla Template  
Perfect Rent - Real Estate Joomla Template

This light and airy Joomla template would be ideal for interior design or real estate website. The theme pays a lot of attention to visual representation. Parallax scrolling helps to create the illusion of immersion. Komento comments extension allows you clients to leave their feedback the easiest way. The template is responsive and powered by Bootstrap, which guarantee flawless performance on any screen.

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Brian’s – Online Consultant Joomla Template  
Brian's - Online Consultant Joomla Template

The template is intended to present lots of textual and visual content. That’s why it boasts well-thought structure with visually outlined content sections. Rounded buttons, flat icons and aesthetically appealing color scheme makes the theme look trendy. Mega footer area contains lots of secondary, but still important information. At the very bottom of the page there is Google map.

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