In the age where an outburst of mobile application development can be seen everywhere, it’s possibly hard to ignore some technologies that have successfully crafted a niche for themselves. And HTML5 is one of them. Being a leading markup language, HTML5 is gaining a lot of prominence among the developers community for its ability to facilitate faster and easier development process. The buoyancy of this programming language has taken the mobile world by storm and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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For professional nerds, HTML5 is a real blessing as it provides them with all the necessary support and tools to create ground-breaking web projects. HTML5 is the fifth iteration of HTML and comes loaded with a great deal of features that are quite helpful to build mobile apps and websites with an added “wow” factor. The language is capable of fulfilling modern needs of today’s websites in a manner most effective. It supports a variety of features such as semantic markup, media support, and a friendly doctype, and a lot more to fabricate coherent web projects.

So, what are the major contributions and benefits of HTML5? Why does it matter so much? Let’s explore every bit of it in the next section of our post.

  1. HTML5 has created a standard
  2. HTML5 is becoming a web standard at a rapid pace. Developers love this language and using it more and more to complete their projects efficiently. All the modern browsers support this language, which ultimately let developers to play around with striking features to produce dynamic results. Whether it’s about developing a new plugin, a mobile framework, or anything that matters-HTML5 is all what you need to meet your ongoing project demands right off the bat.


  3. Compatible across all the major desktop and mobile platforms
  4. Cross-platform is a term that reins the web, especially when it comes to reaching a large pool of audience together. HTML5 is supported by all the major browsers dominating mobile platforms. Because audience increasingly interacts with the mobile web through their mobile devices, the tool that allows us to do so- HTML5 has become so obviously important for all of us. No matter whether it’s iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows, HTML5 is all set to construct an engaging mobile app for your customers. The best thing about HTML5 is that, you only need to run a single code and the application will run gracefully across a range of platforms. This saves your massive amount of time and money.


  5. It enables us to define the “Intent” of our content
  6. HTML5 comes with a great deal of tags that not only help us to define different elements on our page, but also the purpose of our content. Computers lack the ability to understand the difference between “About Us” page and a blog post. But, using HTML5 we can easily instruct our computer regarding a particular page with the help of tags (<article>, <nav>, <aside>, etc).

    By defining our content and its purpose, we can invite search engine to index through our web pages and take our website at the top of Google search ranking.


  7. Smooth and Easy Deployment
  8. Traditionally, developers need to dig deep inside the long-winded scripts and coding process to deploy their projects. This kind of lengthy process led to the growing number of errors and complications, eventually reducing the work quality. But, with the advent of HTML5, the deployment of web apps has become a breezy process with the help of some JavaScript tools. This way you can create an app that piques your users’ interest and give them reasons to interact with it.


  9. Benefit of centralized database
  10. Developers working on HTML5 can take the advantage of its centralized database to correct deviations or any other major issues that arise during the development phase.


  11. HTML5 provides possibilities to explore the unexplored
  12. With new functionalities introduced in HTML5 with a stunning combo of CSS help developers to explore terrains that seemed unfathomable earlier. The language starts gaining momentum with its exceptionally reliable media aspects that were previously handed by third-party plugins. Wonderful support for animations and eye-catching transition effects open up creative ways to provide dynamic graphics and visual effects. The inclusion of JavaScript API support numerous functions, including application storage, geolocation to allow developers develop a fully-functional web based application using HTML and CSS.

To Conclude

HTML5 is important in a sense that it provides webmasters to build striking mobile applications seamlessly. Nevertheless, it also continues to gain popularity among online players looking for more competent ways to capture a larger market share.
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Victoria Brinsley is a skilled Android app developer for Appsted Ltd – a reliable Android development company. You can explore more about the development tips and tricks by clearing your queries with her.


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