AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that has enhanced the HTML functionalities. This implies that it has not ditched the HTML features, but has further developed them to improve them for better web development.

There are numerous prolific JavaScript frameworks that allow developers to create web apps with a flair. The AngularJS stands out of the pool of frameworks with its high end, resourceful tool set that offers blissful tools, which deliver a consistent and flawless performance. It, thus, helps develop a web app with a great ease, without compromising on its quality.

Indubitably, the AngularJS framework is lauded for its amazing features by the developers community. In fact, Google Analytics has also listed it at the top of the charts, thereby, representing the success of this framework.

For the folks who are wondering the reasons that have made the AngularJS framework a viable choice across the globe, here are a few of its outstanding features; let’s decipher them.

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  1. Gigantic Community Support
  2. While having a comprehensive documentation, the AngularJS also possesses a huge community support that helps keep the technology updated with the latest features. Its community includes creators, sponsors, contributors and supporters who are either tech-savvy individuals or adroit developers. You can easily resolve your queries by joining their reliable forums and get the insights into this open source framework.


  3. Interpretive Interface
  4. By implementing the HTML definitions, AngularJS allows one to efficiently create a dynamic UI. For which you just have to define your needs and design the UI as per your desires. This framework ensures a smooth performance of all the integrated elements to deliver a flawless UX. It, thus, helps develop a riveting UI with an intuitive and an impressive visual appeal that is perfect to grab users’ attention and deliver easy user interactions.


  5. Developed Apps Can Be Easily Maintained
  6. The app development via the AngularJS is focused over the object-oriented design principles. This makes app maintenance an easy task. Thus, you can keep your software well updated with the latest technologies and ongoing web trends.


  7. Great Flexibility
  8. To streamline the data before reaching the view, AngularJS features filters. These built-in filters allow one to seamlessly format data in a certain format and tweak the data in a desired manner. Moreover, it also facilitates one to create an HTML table in JavaScript with proficient sorting capability. All these features add to the credibility of the framework and offers a flexible and a smooth transformation of data.


  9. Develop Single Page Apps with a breeze
  10. The single page applications have gained a great momentum due to their absolute upsides. Some of the benefits include, web app with a native look and feel, reduced server load, optimized loading speed, and more. You will not only be able to a develop a function-rich single page web application, but also create a responsive design. Thereby, this framework also helps one to efficiently target both desktop and mobile users, while offering several other helpful features like templates, routing, etc.


  11. Incredible Directives Support
  12. You can proficiently develop new attributes and components of HTML by using the ultimate directive of AngularJS framework. The best features of these directives include convenient testability, rather than programming for wiring up new constructs, it offers a great way to expand UI, allows one to work correspondingly on directives.


  13. Minimal Programming Is Needed
  14. While coding less, you can get more with this blissful web development framework. This is because of its numerous features that enable incredible, feature-rich app development without using extended codes.
    Here are a few of its features.

  • Data models support doesn’t demand much coding.
  • The JavaScript framework completely manages the MVC pipeline.
  • By the virtue of its filters, data can be easily manipulated without tinkering the controller.
  • Views can be easily created with HTML implementation.


To Conclude

The AngularJS framework extends the functionality of HTML and allows one to efficiently develop readable and interactive web apps. It helps generate dynamic views and can function perfectly with external libraries. Moreover, it also delivers a highly flexible and smooth performance that is admired by the majority of developers.

All the aforementioned features represent the amazing capabilities and features of the AngularJS framework that make it the most preferred choice and stand ahead of the other available JavaScript frameworks.

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Juana Steves is a Java web application developer with major interests in Java technologies of all sorts. If you are looking to Hire Java Developer for your java-based project. You can join her on Twitter


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